Think Thru Math Michigan Ranked Students

Each of us has heard the expression, "one in a million". At G2S Academy, we may have two!

Geometry students at G2S are participating in an online math program called Think Through Math. Approximately one million students are engaged in the program nationally. In Michigan, participation varies around 18,000 students. Students must demonstrate "on-grade level" mathematics skills by successfully completing a series of lessons.

G2S Think Thru Math students, Haleigh Dies, is currently ranked 2nd, and Brandon Svacha, is ranked 4th, in the State of Michigan as Geometry students after completing 25 lessons in less than a month's time. Brandon and Haleigh admit their efforts have not been easy. Still, they take pride in their work and have persevered through the difficult tasks. Let's give three cheers for our "two in a million"!