Tiny houses among G2S student projects planned, Jamie Bandstra shares on rounds to local boards... L

PENTWATER — Gateway to Success students will learn by doing, Superintendent/Principal Jamie Bandstra told the Pentwater school board Monday.

For example, some students will work in construction trades building tiny homes.

The homes might be placed across the street from the school, on seven acres of property G2S has rights to, he said.

“It could be a solution to homelessness,” Bandstra said.

As with former Journey alternative school students, a portion of G2S students are likely to need stable housing.

The tiny houses, between 100 and 400 square feet, could help some of the school’s own students.

Bandstra is visiting the school districts within the West Shore Educational Service District. The local districts are pairing with G2S to determine which students would learn best in the project-based learning environment, where they learn by doing. ...

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“I’m really excited about it,” said school board trustee Ken McClane. “I really think they’re going to fulfill a need for us.”

Board secretary Bonnie VanDerZanden said with G2S, it’s a “whole new concept.”

It is not being viewed as competition to the traditional schools in the ESD, but a complement to them.

“It’s the success of the student we’re looking for,” VanDerzanden said. “For some students, this will be the best fit for them.”

“Every student learns differently and is faced with different life challenges,” said Pentwater Superintendent Mary Marshall. “Having options for students to succeed when they struggle to do so in a more traditional environment allows us to best match the right learning environment for each student.”

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