What is Project Based Learning?

What is Project Based Learning?

How is it Different?

How does it serve the non-traditional students?

All questions that the team at G2S frequently hears. Project based learning can be explained in 3 words- Learning by Doing.

This alternative teaching method has been proven to be effective in teaching students who struggle to make connections, or see the impoartance and relavance of classwork. Not all students can comprehend what is being taught from a book, some learn more effectively by seeing and doing. We know a student and maybe it is even you who learns better that way. A student who is struggling, with limited support and motivation is not the student who will work hard at school when they are thinking, "when am I ever going to use this?!" G2S is being designed to serve those students who need something different and a little support. In doing so, the traditional classroom can excel at what it is designed to do, and those other students are given the opportunities they need to do the same.

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