G2S... Part of a Greater Vision

There have been many challanges faced in out local community and accross the state of Michigan. From the down turn in the economy, which in turn leads to limited resources, many households are struggling. The G2S team has seen the need first hand. Many of us have also worked with it as a part of the education system including the Former Journey School.

Basic Needs, Education, Financial Stabiliy and Health all play a role in the success of a household and a surrounding community. It takes a community to change a community.

G2S has seen the Community of Choice vision as shared by the Pennies from Heaven Foundation and the United Way of Mason County, and we are proud to be a part of it. We hope that as more agencies, businesses and schools partner, that more needs can be met, education flourishes with business and the community following behind.

Our Mission is to be an Innovative and engaging learning environment, where the different needs of students are understood, and addressed to effectively stimulate and support their success.

We aim to serve the students who something different to be successful. We aim to support and address the outside needs of students to help them learn in the classroom. We aim to teach information in a method that they understand and relate to, but also in a way that is relevant to the community. We aim to help students who are not successful become successful. We aim to serve the community.


G2S. Personalized Learning.

Gateway to Success Academy

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