Challenges Faced by Local Students

Here is a snapshot of what local students may be facing. On the left is the statistics from the former Journey student body, which is a representation of what Gateway to Success Academy students may look like as well.

Overall, there has been a lot asked of local schools. As economic times have been hard locally, there as been a decrease of the "middle class". As we have learned from Talent 2025 research, ecosystem is the number one influencer by far in a students likelihood of success. As the economy struggled, so have students. When faced with the reality of finding safe place to live, or food, survival insticts overshadow educational goals.

Locally, we have experienced a decrease in the middle range of academic performers and an increase in the number of students who are struggling. There is a high risk of students not achieve a High School Diploma. Locally, the graduation rate is under 80%. That equates to roughly 120 satudents not recieving their high school diploma every year.

We know and have seen that having a high school diploma is critical in finding a job, let alone a career that allows a person to support themselves, or potentially a family. That means that 20% or more of local students are facing that struggle every year. They are starting out behind, and with limited opportunity.

G2S wants to collaborate with the local schools to change this. G2S is designed to help address the outside challanges that students face by providing extra supports in and out of the classroom. In addition, G2S is designed to teach struggling students in a unique learning method that has been shown to help struggling students learn both academic content and skills to help them be successful. Lets help those students who are struggling be successful in school, so that they can be successful in life.

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