Press Conference Review

Today we celebrated a major milestone in G2S history, our Ground Breaking. The demolition of the old is almost complete, and it is time to start looking towards the new!

The Pennies From Heaven Foundation hosted this event to show their vision for the family of Mason County, and why they support G2S. Their vision couldn't explain it any better, we are a family, and as a family, we need to be doing better. The Graduation Rate is currently under 80% in the West Shore Educational Service Districts. As a family and community, we can do better. G2S was designed to help. With the support of the local superintendents, we chose a method to better serve and educate the students of our community who are struggling academically. We want to help students to learn, graduate, and be successful. Today was a big step in that direction as we start to look to build. We are starting to rebuild just in time to be ready in time to open next year for those students,

We still have a lot of work ahead.

We are still looking for support to help us make G2S a reality.

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