Project-Based Learning is what we do at G2S. It's "learning by doing." We work to connect academic concepts to real-world projects, which helps to make learning more engaging and relevant.


We explore ideas, experiment and learn new things through five phases; Plan, Launch, Experience, Make and Share. These phases balance hands-on engagement and the use of technology, with the development of necessary research, literacy, and core content skills. Each phase guides students along a path of curiosity, inspiration, and purpose.


Giving students voice and choice in the work they do is important to learning. Teachers and students often sit down together to create a customized plan that meets the unique interests and needs of each individual. Our smaller size allows us to get to know students in a deeper way, and provide a different level of support and care.

As we developed the school, we realized that there are a variety of effective PBL models.  To determine the model that was best for G2S, we visited high performing PBL environments across the country (High Tech High, High School for the Performing Arts, Avalon, and Kent Innovation High), studied the research of New Tech Network  and Buck Institute, and examined local success in the implementation of PBL.

The first video gives a brief overview of what PBL is.  High Tech High is featured in the second video, and is one of the PBL environments that G2S is modeled after.  It provides a good example of what PBL looks like in a real school environment. As noted previously, we actually visited High Tech High as we were developing our school.  Like High Tech High, G2S starts with teacher designed and facilitated projects. These teacher designed projects are developed with student interests in mind and are linked tightly to the standards and courses required for graduation.  


At G2S, we also utilize an individual project plan model, in which a student sits down with teachers to develop a customized project plan. A student's learning at G2S will likely involve both teacher designed projects and individual project plans, and may also include a blend of pre-designed online courses when necessary from companies like Edmentum and Imagine Learning.