Virtual Learning Student of the Month

Gateway to Success Academy proudly announces its' recent Virtual Learning Student of the Month. Congratulations go out to second-year G2S student, Kearra Golnick, of Hart. Kearra is presently enrolled as a Junior and is achieving a great deal of progress as a virtual student with the amazing guidance of her family & G2S Academy. We are proud of the progress Kearra is making and we look for an amazing 2019-2020 school year for her. 


Kearra Golnick

Why did you choose G2S Academy?

Because I went to Hart and don't have a first or second hour, but I like the online option at G2S Academy

What are your hobbies?

Drawing, coloring, watching movies and hanging out with my boyfriend friends and family

What would be your ideal PBL experience that you could develop into an Individual Project Plan?

I would like to do a poem for my English 10 class and make a poster about what poet inspired me and why.

Who do you desire to meet someday? Why?

I would want to meet Cole Sprouse because he one of my favorite actors from the show Riverdale.

If you could travel any place in the world, where would it be and why?


Gateway to Success

Virtual Learning Cafe

Personalizing your online learning experience

     Welcome to the Virtual Learning Cafe where Mr. Quinlan will be your Barista (VL Coach) serving up a unique virtual learning experience. Virtual Learning at G2S Academy is an opportunity for students to easily access online course work, have an opportunity to work on-site with innovative resources at G2S, connect daily through our VL Video Webinar Series and/or create an Individualized Project Plan that best fits students needs.  

     Our promise at G2S is to personalize student learning by either customizing an individual project plan or following a teacher-led PBL experience by our dynamic team of educators; through our innovative platform called TRELLO.  In addition, we will be providing students with world-class online content and on-site access to resources on our G2S campus as needed through a flexible schedule to fit our students' individual needs. Enroll today with our Virtual Learning Cafe at G2S Academy for the 2019-20 School year. Let us grind up a cup of java, pull up a chair and let's start brewing some amazing learning opportunities.

G2S Academy's commitment to its' students and community is to personalize learning opportunities that ultimately engage students in real learning experiences. These experiences are carefully served to expose our students to meaningful work that prepares them for THEIR FUTURE and their future is NOW! As you view this powerful video, you will witness a window into what G2S Academy is committed in creating for all students on a daily basis.

Around The World

G2S Academy is serving a student living in Cairo, Egypt through its' innovative learning platform(s).

G2S Goes Global

Logan Kibbey, G2S Academy Student is experiencing his middle school year in Egypt.

Virtual Webinars 

G2S Virtual Learners interface with educators around the world such as Paula from Beirut, Lebanon 

G2S. Personalized Learning.

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