Press Releases:

May 20, 2021

Student made items and sales teach entrepreneurialism, fundraiser for camping experience

Scottville, MI - G2S will launch its first ever online school store from its website, with student made products as well as apparel and other gear featuring the school’s logo and mascot. The store is scheduled to open on Wednesday, May 26 with special Market Day products available through June 1. Proceeds will benefit class projects and student experiences.

G2S is a free public charter school open to all 6 through 12th grade students. The school’s instructional model is Project Based Learning (PBL), where students learn curriculum through hands-on projects and experiences.

“Your purchase doesn’t just show that you bought something, it shows that you are supportive of what students are doing here and helping them grow as people,” says Al Koopman, 7th grader at G2S. Middle school students are learning to use the vinyl cutter and 3D printer to produce stickers and key fobs.

Initial proceeds from G2S gear will support a camping trip the middle school is taking from May 24-26 at CranHill in Rodney, MI. While there, students will participate in activities to help foster team building skills and help us grow our community. Activities that students will participate in include rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, target sports, and orienteering.

“We also have two groups from the 11th grade selling hand-made products as part of their economics project called Market Day,” said Erica Karmeisool, Project Coordinator at G2S. “It’s been very exciting to watch the students learn by actually becoming entrepreneurs.”

One group developed the mock corporation, Retro Resin, while the other group formed Natural Endeavours. The students are currently in the final stages of preparing their products and working with Karmeisool to get the information uploaded to the school’s online store. The group showing the highest profit margin will receive special recognition in the class.

“Students were tasked with creating a corporation that would design, manufacture and sell a product with the goal of understanding market economics, business structures and the way a loan works,” explained teacher Melissa Zumbach. “Each group included the following positions that were assigned to students: CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing Manager, and Production Manager.” She said it was so much fun watching them take their ideas from start to finish and learning to manage time, problem solve and evaluate each other and themselves. “There are so many real world applications in this project that make it especially meaningful for students.”

“Our business is selling handmade paper and resin cover notebooks, along with some resin phone cases,” said Madison Dennis, the CEO of Retro Resin. “Retro Resin focuses on having an eco-friendly path while including pieces of art that will last forever. Our resin is not biodegradable, however, our paper is 100% recycled and handmade.”

“We have a wide variety of wire wrapped necklaces and rings for men and women,” said Chelsea Hammond, CEO of Natural Endeavors. “Our aesthetic for our company is showing the beauty of nature and showcasing it in the art of jewelry. The jewelry is one of a kind and unique to give more excitement to feel that your pieces are special and unique.”

The store will officially open at 9am on Wednesday, May 26. Visitors to the school’s website will see a link to the store on the homepage. Market Day items will be available from May 26 through June 1. G2S gear will be available ongoing.

“This is a long term experience that we aim to develop with students year after year,” said Karmeisool. “This process teaches the basics of production and graphic design along with time, money and customer management skills.”