What is G2S?

Gateway to Success Academy (G2S) is a project based learning charter school designed to make learning engaging and personalize the learning environment. By emphasizing deeper learning and transferable skills, we are seeing education transform from something students have to do, to something students enjoy.

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school that is given permission by the state to operate as a new local school district. Because of their size, charter schools are typically more flexible with their approach to education and tailor learning experiences to meet the needs of individual students.

Who is eligible to attend G2S?

G2S is a public school. This means we are open to all 6-12th-grade students.

What is the cost to enroll at G2S?

G2S is completely free, similar to all other public schools.

Are G2S students be able to participate in sports?

Unfortunately, no. G2S does not currently have a sports program this year and students cannot join teams from other districts. This is an area we are working to develop.

Does G2S offer programs like band or art?

G2S does not offer band classes, but we do have a recording studio where students are encouraged to pursue their musical interests. Students have access to instruction in guitar and percussion and both music and art are integrated into our curriculum.

How does enrollment work?

Enrollment is capped at 125 students for the 2018-2019 school year. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and students can be enrolled throughout the school year as long as spots are available. Once we have met our capacity, students are placed on a waiting list in the order their applications were received. The best way to guarantee a spot is to enroll today!

What is open enrollment

All charter schools are required to have an open enrollment period. This gives students equal access through a lottery process. Our open enrollment will take place in April and the details will be avaliable in early March. During the open enrollment period, all applications received will be given equal priority by using a lottery to select students if more applications are received than available spaces.

Who is G2S for?

We began with the mission of supporting students who struggle in a traditional school environment and will always be committed to this endeavor, however, we knew that by making learning relevant and meeting the individual needs of students, we would become an attractive option for all students. We are watching this come to fruition and our demographic is changing. This change in our school population has brought a good balance and has created a more positive school climate. Project based learning is not just for students who do better in a hands-on situation. It challenges all students to master and apply academic concepts at a higher level. We serve students from all eight districts of the West Shore Educational Service District, including; Baldwin, Hart, Ludington, Mason County Central, Mason County Eastern, Pentwater, Shelby, and Walkerville. Busing to G2S is provided on a contracted basis with Ludington, Hart, Mason County Eastern, and Baldwin.