How to Enroll at G2S:

Step 1:

       Let us know you're interested by completing the Interest & Pre-Enrollment Form.

Step 2:

       G2S staff will contact you! We'll to guide you through the enrollment process by:

       - Answering questions

       - Connecting you with a teacher or specialist to talk about your student's needs

       - Scheduling a tour of our facility

       - Helping you complete the enrollment form

Step 3:

       Complete the Enrollment Application. You can get a copy of the form in three ways:

  1. Fill out the enrollment form online

  2. Download the enrollment form (PDF)

  3. Pick up a printed form from our facility

    • Due to social distancing recommendations, our hours are limited. Please be sure to arrange a pick-up day and time by contacting G2S staff prior to coming to our facility.

Step 4:

       Work with G2S staff to make sure the following pieces of information are provided:

  1. Student's Birth Certificate

  2. Student's Proof of Residency

  3. Student's Immunization Record

  4. Enrollment Application

    1. The parent/guardian's physical signature is required for forms completed online

  5. Internet Agreement Form (signed by parent/guardian and student)

  6. Compact Agreement (signed by parent/guardian, student and teacher)

  7. Free or Reduced Meal Application (signed by parent/guardian)


Please have information ready to complete 10 basic sections:

  1. Student Information (name, gender, citizenship, etc.)

  2. Residence (address, housing type, etc.)

  3. Household Information (living situation of parents/guardians)

  4. Parent/Guardian Information (name, address, phone, etc.)

  5. Other Children (under 18 years in the home)

  6. Previous School Information (school contact, last grade attended, etc.)

  7. Special Services (transportation, education, etc.)

  8. Medical Information (medications, doctors' contact, etc.)

  9. Emergency Contact (name, phone, etc.)

  10. Permissions and Signature