Many people in our community may wonder what G2S really is. There are many misperceptions about charter schools, but the easiest way to think about them is to understand that forming a charter school is the only way to start a new “Public School District.” Without charter schools, there would be no way to create a new public school. Public School Academies (or PSAs) follow the same rules as other public schools and are funded by the state, like all other public schools.

Mission: G2S provides an innovative, hands-on learning environment with personalized supports that foster self-respect and help students realize their potential.


Our mission stands true. We are committed to supporting students who struggle to find success in the traditional public school system through providing a project-based learning environment that makes education relevant and meets the individual needs of students.


By doing this, we believe that we are also creating a learning environment that has many benefits for all students, providing engagement and a personalized experience that is hard to match. I want people to realize what a unique opportunity G2S provides and how lucky we are to have a school like this in our small community.


Jamie Bandstra

Superintendent and Principal

Gateway to Success Academy

G2S. Personalized Learning.

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