G2S Academy Announcement

  1.  Local school districts are distributing food for any student.  You don’t have to attend school. Here are pick up locations around the region:​

    1. Mason County Central Food Drops

    2. Baldwin Food Drops

    3. Shelby Food Distribution

    4. Walkerville School District Website

    5. Ludington Area School

    6. https://www.mcgi.state.mi.us/schoolnutrition/

COVID-19 School Update

What's New:

G2S. We are the Wolfpack.

Wolves are strong, smart individuals who are loyal to their pack. A wolfpack is stronger together – working jointly toward common goals, communicating and taking care of one another.

At G2S, our focus is to empower the individual while working together, as a school family, towards a common goal of success.

Our logo depicts the G2S Wolfpack: It first appears to be a single wolf, but with a second glance, the support of the pack reveals itself below.

G2S. Personalized Learning.

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